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Hello there! Today is Wednesday, a.k.a. remove Sara’s pins day! I am at the hospital already, having my final surgery of this ordeal. I finished this post that should have been one of the first posts I made… and scheduled it for today. Enjoy!

I see many of the blogs that I’m currently reading are doing the 30 for 30 challenge. I have seen several versions of this, including one from Miss Minimalist and one from Everyday Kendi. I had read about this a while ago, and it actually inspired me to clean out my closet. I have weeded my closet down to 35 items (including shoes) plus a few t-shirts I need to try on and style. I currently have two piles of clothing off to the side:

  1. TO DONATE: gently worn & sellable items that I know a local second-hand store will not take. These items will be donated to my mother’s church for a fund-raising rummage sale in April.
  2. TO SELL:  items that are name brand, and in good to great condition that I believe a second-hand store will take. I will use the trade amount to buy new items to place some of what I am getting rid of. What is not taken will then be sorted again into things I can use in my new wardrobe, or donated to the rummage sale also.

At this point in time, the 30×30 challenge is not something I am able to do. Current clothing count is 35 items, plus shoes and accessories. I am trying to build up my wardrobe, so this will likely be something I pursue trying in the future. I don’t think it will be hard for me, as I’ve only had 35 items for the past few months {since Nov not counting, as I’ve hardly worn anything but pajamas!}. I may bend the rules a bit and make it more challenging for me.

Right now, I’m trying to re-style my closet. I’m going through everything, trying to keep only great pieces that I can wear many different ways with many different things. I’m planning a shopping trip soon, after I can walk and spend all day trying things on and running around, to buy what I lack. I hope to find everything second hand. Malls and stores will only be backup.

I know you may be wondering why I have so few items in my closet. As I mentioned in my first post, I am a minimalist. Without going into great detail (that is for another post!), I believe that everything I own should be of importance of me, and carefully selected. I have been through my excessive spending stage. I have lots of credit card debt. And I realize that working to buy things was not the lifestyle that was working for me. In the past 2 years, I have moved 7 times {don’t judge- they have all been choices!} and each time I have ditched things that I no longer needed or wanted. But i still have so. much. stuff! I want to make it a point to be able to pack everything in my car and go if I want. Right now, I can’t even do that. But when I move in a few months, I certainly will take advantage of the situation and carefully choose what moves and what is donated.

But I digress. Back to clothing. I have always had so much clothing that I have things never worn with tags. Why -WHY- do I do this? It doesn’t make sense to me. If I really loved it so much to buy it, why do I find it hidden in my closet, never worn, 3 months later? I want everything in my closet to go with *just about* everything else. I admit, I wear a lot of black and grey. I don’t know why, I am just attracted to those colors. This makes it easier to mix & match!

I have many hippie tendencies. Good or bad, I don’t know, but they are there {Cue schpiel about embracing who you are and loving yourself}. I love the 1960’s and 1970’s. I am a very earthy person. I want my closet to match my personality. It shouldn’t be full of clothes that I would wear if I were a different person {which has been a mistake I’ve made in the past and in hindsight why some clothing has gone unworn} or clothing to make me who I think I should be. It should be about ME. Clothes are the first thing people see about someone.

I want my clothing to be simple. If I’ve had a pajama day, and the boyfriend decides last minute that he wants to go do something, I want to be able to throw something together that looks nice (not just jeans and a t-shirt) but doesn’t take a lot of thought. The more clothing I have, the more planning it takes, which leaves less time for life and things I enjoy.

Two years ago, I had a decent blog. I planned my outfits out a month at a time, wrote it all out, and posted pictures every day. I spent a good 4-6 hours planning my outfits for the entire month. I had an entire closet full of clothes. And you know what? It didn’t make me a better person. I wasn’t any happier. I certainly wasn’t richer. Having a small closet doesn’t make me better or richer, either, but I can say that I am happier. Happier that I have time to live life, and not be obsessed about these things.

Please, please please do NOT get me wrong- I don’t think negatively about anyone who is into clothing, fashion, and style the way that I am not. I am not ragging on anyone. I am just stating who I am NOT anymore. Minimalism isn’t just a ‘fad’ to me. Minimalism is a lifestyle. A way to enjoy myself and those that surround me.

I’m also not going to attempt to talk anyone into being a minimalist. If what I said strikes you, I’ll be happy to talk with you more. Have any questions? Feel free to contact me and ask me. I’ll give you the best answer I can, and maybe even make a post about it. But I want you to think about something:

If there was a fire at your place, and you could only grab a few things in a few seconds (let’s say you had less than a minute), what would you grab and why?


You’re moving across the state, country, etc. You’re traveling by plane. You have one piece of luggage to check, one carry on, and one personal item. What do you take? {For the sake of argument, furniture is provided for you at your destination}


I’d love to hear your answers, so leave them down below or link to your blog if you make this into a post! These fascinate me!

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perhaps you’ll laugh and make them all smile

Happy Tuesday, dear readers! Time seems to be getting away from me this week. It’s not that I’m busy, but I have quite the to-do list that I’m trying to accomplish, as I have talked about in a few previous posts.

Today I’ve mostly been relaxing. I can’t seem to focus on anything- I think because I am so excited for tomorrow:)

I’ve been getting some things in the mail and I can’t wait to show you all! I am hoping one day next week to film a video to upload here. I think that’ll be a bit more fun than pictures & blogging about the new treats.

I put some red color on my hair today, hoping to wash out the darkness a bit. I’ve previously used store-bought color remover, and it didn’t really work. I’m trying to avoid shelling out big bucks for a salon treatment, but it’s looking as if that’s what I’ll have to do if I want to get rid of the dark color I have. I’m torn between blonde (my usual preference in the past) and red. I just can’t decide. And then, if i go red, do I want a darker red, as seen here, or do I want to do a lighter, more natural red? Or do I want to have flashy BRIGHT red? Oh, decisions decisions. So anyway, I put the color on, and my roots and maybe top 2 inches are redish, and then it’s dark. Oy.

So I’m going to pack a little activity bag for tomorrow. I have to be at the hospital early, but I could be waiting around all day for them to actually take me in. I don’t want to be without something to do! I have posts scheduled for tomorrow and Thursday, so look for those!



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fill in the blank Friday (on Sunday!)

Hola, bloglandia! I am home, unwrapping some packages that came in the mail over the weekend, and catching up on some blogs. I found this fill in the blank Friday post from Lauren at The Little Things We Do & wanted to take a stab at answering these questions. I love doing stuff like this as much as I love reading the answers!

1.   The TV show/website that I watch/read that I would be embarrassed to tell anyone about is I’m not embarrassed to mention any blogs that I read, but television is a different story! I don’t have a TV in my room at the parental’s house, and the boyfriend has a TV but but no cable. So I don’t want many shows- mainly just what’s on Hulu. But I have a much younger sister (she’s 8) and sometimes we’ll shnuggle up on the couch & watch something. Usually iCarly or Drake and Josh or some other disney show. I love the all, truth be told.
2.  An item of clothing that is worn and torn but that I love far to much to throw away is a super huge Arizona State Sun Devils hoodie. I don’t own any other hoodies, so I am reluctant to throw it away. I have no other attachment to it whatsoever. A friend gave it to me- how she came to own it, I have no idea. She didn’t go to college there. But it’s huuuuge on me and I love lounging around the house in it when it’s chilly. I don’t wear it out.
3.  My grocery store impulse buy is candy and sweets! I will see a box of cookies or snack cakes and just have to buy something. Sweets are my weakness!
4.  Something I do at work to pass time that I wouldn’t want my co-workers to know about is stand around the kitchen. Ok- I’m not working now, nor am I going back to work at the same place I was before I fell. BUT, when I was working, I used to take the dishes and toys that had been put in a kid’s mouth and run them through this sterilizer thing, then bring them back to the room. I’d stand around the kitchen for as long as I possibly could- sometimes upwards of 30 minutes! I’d especially do this if I was letting someone go home, and I’d be stuck with the kiddos for the rest of the afternoon ALONE!
5.  One thing in my life that I could give up, but never will is probably Facebook. Although a smart phone is something else I’d totally addicted to. I gave up my smart phone once and had a simple flip phone that didn’t even have a camera and the browser sucked so bad I couldn’t use Facebook. I survived for about 6-7 months before I broke down and bought a new one. So this is a toss up. I totally cannot decide.
6.  A little indulgence that I have is mocha caramel iced coffee from mickey d’s. It’s soooo full of calories and I try not to have too much caffeine or sugar or really anything from that place. But their iced coffees are soooo good {and cheaper compared to other places like ::ahem:: Starbucks}. Plus it’s a lot closer to where I currently live {but when I move in with the boy? Just down the road- uh oh!}

7. The junk drawer/area in my house is beside my bed. Truth be told, I’m currently crashing with the parentals until I’m walking and driving and working again, so I don’t have a whole ‘house’. I just stash everything in the top drawer of this cute little vintage table cabinet thingy. When I had my apartment, however, I had a junk basket in my closet, junk drawer in the kitchen, and a just drawer in the bedroom. Oh, and my bathroom had a HUGE linen closet in it that was… basically a junk closet.


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you gotta have rain to have a rainbow (FBFF)

It’s Fridayyyyy- you know what that means- Fashion Beauty Friend Friday! This week, the questions are all about color. I started answering the questions, but then I realized that my closet is NOT full of color. Sure, I have the mustard-colored cardi, and the turquoise shirt. But mostly? It’s black. With a touch of grey. {Maybe I should have used that as my title post?} So I opted not to answer the questions this week.

Today’s agenda is bland. Pre-op appointment, then heading with the boyfriend to his abode for the weekend. Not sure of our plans for tonight, or this weekend, but I’m sure it’ll be something fun:) Hopefully, we’ll meet up with my friend & her fiancée for lunch or dinner or something of that sort. Today’s outfit is very uninspired. When I planned my outfit, I wanted something comfy for sitting around the doctor’s office & in a car {30 minutes each way!} & that I could get around comfortably in. I think I achieved my goal:)

Jeans- Old Navy. Yellow Tee- Those Darlins (American Apparel shirt). Hunter Green Cardi- Merona for Target. Jacket {not shown}- Columbia. Shoes {not shown}- Toms in ash.

And just so you can see my tee for today:

title: “Rainbows” by The Moldy Peaches

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you’ve heard the voice that makes the silent noise

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening my lovely little blog readers!

First of all, sorry for the lack of post yesterday. I had some things going on & just felt very unmotivated to write anything.

So, today being Thursday, it is time for a Project 2011 update, hosted by Moments of Whimsy. This week I finished reading Poser: My Life in 23 Yoga Poses by Claire Dederer. I only wanted to read this book for the yoga factor. I. Love. Yoga. I knew this was a memoir of sorts, and that’s fine; I like reading memoirs. But I did not like this book. I’m not sure what I was expecting this book to be like. There is a lot about her life, much about her going to yoga, and lots about her life. Each chapter has a different title named for a pose. I don’t see how the pose relates to what she writes about in the chapter sometimes. For instance, she has several chapters named “Child’s Pose _” {1,2,3,etc} in which she talks about her childhood. Mostly no yoga or poses mentioned, except for the first pose, I believe. This, I sort of understand; child’s pose= childhood memories. But a chapter named “Foot Behind the Head Pose” and talking about problems with her husband? I don’t understand that.

Some parts were ok or even fun to read. But as a whole, I was not impressed by this book. In fact, I struggled to read it. The only reason I finished this book at all is to find out what happened between her & her husband. I read the entire book, but in all honesty there were some parts that I just skimmed, if they were boring. I got nothing from this book. I wasn’t inspired to attend a yoga class, I didn’t have aspirations to become a yogi. I just read it, and moved on.

Non Project 2011 related, that should have been yesterdays post: Tomorrow I go for pre-op paperwork & bloodwork for my surgery on Wednesday. I’m sort of nervous. This surgery isn’t anywhere near as extensive as the one I had in November. Then, they put in bolts and pins and screws and plates {one large plate, 8 screws, 2 pins}, fixed a torn ligament, and fixed my once-broken ankle. Now, they are just removing pins, but I am still nervous. I feel like I am tempting fate; I made it out of one surgery just fine {and alive!} but is another one pushing it? I know I’m being silly- that’s what my parents & boyfriend & friends are telling me. I just can’t shake this feeling. But I am closer to being on my way to walking, and that is an amazing feeling to have. It’s been over 3 months since I’ve walked- the start of November!

I sold my touchscreen phone yesterday on ebay, & bought a new phone similar to a blackberry. It should arrive today. I can’t wait! I also ordered many other things, and I am excited to do a haul post when they arrive. Video? Maybe:) I love watching haul videos. I will at least do a post.

I am *still* downsizing for this upcoming move on mine, which is still a month or so away. I can’t move until I can walk better, at least without crutches, and drive,  so who knows how long that will be. I got much done yesterday. I’m taking some clothing to a local place to sell, some books to a local place to sell, and selling on ebay & craigslist. What doesn’t sell, or I don’t won’t bother with, will be donated to my mother’s church group for an upcoming sale they’re having to raise money. I feel good about it going to a good cause {even if it isn’t MY cause}.

I found out yesterday that I won a giveway from the lovely Genna at Reading, Writing, & the World of Words. Her blog is about books, if you didn’t figure that one out! I won Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, the first book in a series that I have been dying to read forever. But it seems that every time I have money to buy a new book, there’s something else that I want more. That seems to happen with me about a lot of things! But anyway, hopefully this will kick my boo-tay into gear, and I’ll get the rest of the books. Head over to Genna‘s blog & check her out!

Well, I do believe that is it for today! I am working on some posts to add to the upload schedule for next week, just in case I’m out of commission and not able to post.


title: “Everything Right is Wrong Again” by They Might be Giants

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for sale!


This has been one long ass day. My pin removal surgery was scheduled for March 9, when really, it’s SUPPOSED to be next week. But it all worked out in the end, and my surgery will now be February 16! I’m so excited & can’t wait. After this, I’ll be doing some phyical therapy type exercises to begin walking, and then gearing up to move in with the boy sometime around mid-March. The end of March/start of April forsees me going to FLORIDA and probably DISNEY WORLD. We’ll be in Orlando, so if anyone has any great secret shopping places, drop me a line! I’d love to check them out!

So anyway, on top of surgery drama stuffs, I’ve been cleaning and listing things on craigslist. I’m also listing things on ebay, and wanted to invite you all to check them out. I only have one thing listed as of this post, but I’m getting ready to list LOADS more, including jewelry, shoes, and some clothing. So please be sure to check me out! I’m WanderingSara just as I am here!

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fabulous in february!

Hey readers:)

First all, apologies for a short fbff post & no fashion post on Friday. I had so much to do and so little time before the boy came to pick me up for our weekend. I thought I had gotten ahead of the game, but turns out I didn’t.

On Friday, I wore a white long sleeve v-neck perfect fit tee from J. Crew, dark wash Diva skinny leg jeans from Old Navy, and mustard cardigan from Merona (Target), and my black Toms. Oh, and my grey peacoat, also from Merona.

Short post today, too, but hopefully tomorrow I will be back on track. Today I am cleaning and trying to downsize as well as listing things on Craigslist to sell, and making my donation pile. Pretty soon it will be time to move, and I will be scrambling. I have to scramble (unless it’s my eggs). I have some jewelry that I may post on here, if anyone is interested in buying. Pearl bracelets, a diamond/aquamarine ring, and matching necklace.

For those who may not know, Melissa at A Working Mom’s Closet and Hope at Hope and the Dress Code started a meme called Fabulous in February. The jist is to name 3 positive things about yourself every Monday in February. I love this idea of this; there is so much negativity in this world. When someone talks about themselves, it’s usually something negative. Especially with the media nowadays. Run over to these blogs ran by these gorgeous ladies and take a look. If you have a blog, go ahead & sign up, and try this for yourself. So without further adieu, here are my three positivities:

1. I love my eyes. They are green and just the perfect shape. Almost every man I have dated has complimented me on my eyes, and told me how alluring they are. Sometimes, I’ll buy those kits made for certain eye colors. I don’t know how they do it {just the colors perhaps?} but they help enhance the green.

2. I have stopped biting my nails. Okay, this happened a few years ago, but still. I also wanted great looking natural nails, and I finally have them. I don’t even know how I did it, I just kind of… stopped.

3. That I am getting more and more confident every day. This may sound silly, but breaking my ankle was a blessing in disguise for several reasons, one of which is giving myself confidence. If I’m going to a store with someone, I have to use a wheelchair because I can’t stand on one foot and crutches that long. It just hurt. Restaurants were ok because I could hop in and sit down immediately. Now I can walk some, but I still have to use crutches, so I’m terribly slow. Anywho, it took me a while to leave the house because I was embarrassed about being seen a ‘disability’ {which is silly because I don’t see others that way}. But having people look at you and realize they aren’t laughing, they aren’t pointing, they aren’t doing ANYTHING kind of said to me that I’m ok. So now that I have done these things, I feel more confident about who I am and what I look it. It also helps that I have a boyfriend who tells me how sexy I am:) Nothing builds confidence more than that!

So there are my three things! I have to admit- that was kind of hard. I better start thinking now for next week! What are three positive things you like about yourself?

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