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girl, you got to change your crazy ways

It’s Thursday, it’s Thursday!! That means it’s one day closer to Friday. Which means one day closer to vacation. One day closer to getting my stitches taken out. And one day closer to seeing my man. So anyway, no project … Continue reading

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i got 10 more miles and i’m hittin’ that county line

Hello:) Today’s will be semi-short… again. I’ve been busy {isn’t that always my excuse? a bad one, at that, for someone with a broken ankle who rarely leaves the house!}. I’m trying to use up many things that are almost … Continue reading

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youtubin’ it!

It’s MOOOOOOONDAAAAY! Hello lovelies! Glad to see you here today. I’ve had a busy weekend and day today, but guess what? JUST GUESS. I made a YouTube video! You can check it out below, or visit my page. My username … Continue reading

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the BBC & a cute video for your viewing pleasure

Hello again bloglandia! I am back for just a few things on your Friday night. 1} KT at KT’s Refinishing School is starting a book club called the BBC- or Bloggers Book Club. You can check out her original post … Continue reading

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you’re way too beautiful girl

Happy Friday!!!! Today’s FBFF post is all about reflection & body image. It was interesting & fun to think about these questions. Read my answers here, then head over to Katy’s blog to check out what other ladies had to … Continue reading

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well i may be bruised but i still taste sweet

Yep- scheduled post again! I went ahead & set this up for today just in case I’m on pain killers and semi-unconscious today. And if I’m not? Well, I can just not worry about the blog today. Enjoy! Ever hear … Continue reading

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update- project 2011, surgery

Herro readers:) This is super super short. I have a lengthy post scheduled for sometime today, but I have a few minutes of consciousness & I thought I’d just post an update. For the project 2011, I did finish a … Continue reading

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