girl, you got to change your crazy ways

It’s Thursday, it’s Thursday!!

That means it’s one day closer to Friday.

Which means one day closer to vacation. One day closer to getting my stitches taken out. And one day closer to seeing my man.

So anyway, no project 2011 update for today. I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t even STARTED a new book since last week’s. But thankfully I am a little ahead, so it doesn’t matter much.

I have an exciting weekend planned. Let’s just hope I make it through with all the walking and activities. I am planning to film a packing video tomorrow. We’ll see:)

I get my stitches taken out tomorrow. YAY! I’ve been walking some without the crutches, and I even managed a trip to CVS with my mother without my crutches. But I don’t want to chance this weekend without them. I’m not that brave yet!

I’m *almost* done with this crazy music business. I’m up to 2341 songs, but I’m working my way through CDs now. I’m having fun reminiscing about all these ’90s songs I grew up listening to. While pop is not my preferred music right now, I’m adding these lovelies to my IPod mainly for the history, feelings, and memories it brings back.

So that’s my short little post for today. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have my packing video up, and maybe an outfit! Woo hoo!

title: “Crazy” by Aerosmith

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