youtubin’ it!


Hello lovelies! Glad to see you here today. I’ve had a busy weekend and day today, but guess what?


I made a YouTube video! You can check it out below, or visit my page. My username is LovelyLittleSara. I’d love to have friends there, subscribers, etc. I will warn you, though. There’s a HORRIBLE noise in it from my laptop. I don’t know what it is- I’ve heard it for a while but it’s getting worse. Overheating? Something broke? Who knows. So anywhoodles, here’s the vid:

Neato! I’m very excited. I have a nice camera, and if I can find a suitable place to film, I’ll use it instead {I’ll prob find a place right before I move, and then I’ll have to search the apartment for a new place!}. I think it’d be like a magillion times better. I’m going to do a few makeup tutorials, maybe some book reviews, who knows. Any suggestions? I’d love to hear them!

So I must run now. I still have lots that I need to get done today and this week, as this weekend the boyfriend and I are meeting my parents and my sister in Pigeon Forge, TN {Sevierville} for a mini vacay. They’re going down Friday, but because of the boy’s work schedule, we aren’t going down until Saturday. Then we’re all coming home on Sunday. Maybe I’ll post a super fun weekend vid for you all to see the craziness that is my man:P

Hope everyone had a FANTASTICO weekend and Monday! I know I did! See you tomorrow!

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One Response to youtubin’ it!

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh boy, it does sound like your computer is about to blow. At first I thought you had like the a/c on until I read it was your laptop on the fritz.
    That jewelry tree is too freakin’ adorable and CHEAP!! I wish there was a Target around here, I’d snatch it up. I feel like I keep most of my jewelry well kept in drawers, but I want to hang it around my room to show it off. haha

    By the way, thank you so much for the concern about my mother! It’s crazy how much special stuff we’ve had to buy.. electric toothbrush, bendy straws. Lots of simple tasks we overlook everyday that my mom can know longer do because she can’t use her hands. :/
    Oooohhh, what I was going to say is.. her surgery was today and it went great! I hope you and your ankle are doing good as well. :)

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