you are young and life is long

Hello there! Today is Wednesday, a.k.a. remove Sara’s pins day! I am at the hospital already, having my final surgery of this ordeal. I finished this post that should have been one of the first posts I made… and scheduled it for today. Enjoy!

I see many of the blogs that I’m currently reading are doing the 30 for 30 challenge. I have seen several versions of this, including one from Miss Minimalist and one from Everyday Kendi. I had read about this a while ago, and it actually inspired me to clean out my closet. I have weeded my closet down to 35 items (including shoes) plus a few t-shirts I need to try on and style. I currently have two piles of clothing off to the side:

  1. TO DONATE: gently worn & sellable items that I know a local second-hand store will not take. These items will be donated to my mother’s church for a fund-raising rummage sale in April.
  2. TO SELL:  items that are name brand, and in good to great condition that I believe a second-hand store will take. I will use the trade amount to buy new items to place some of what I am getting rid of. What is not taken will then be sorted again into things I can use in my new wardrobe, or donated to the rummage sale also.

At this point in time, the 30×30 challenge is not something I am able to do. Current clothing count is 35 items, plus shoes and accessories. I am trying to build up my wardrobe, so this will likely be something I pursue trying in the future. I don’t think it will be hard for me, as I’ve only had 35 items for the past few months {since Nov not counting, as I’ve hardly worn anything but pajamas!}. I may bend the rules a bit and make it more challenging for me.

Right now, I’m trying to re-style my closet. I’m going through everything, trying to keep only great pieces that I can wear many different ways with many different things. I’m planning a shopping trip soon, after I can walk and spend all day trying things on and running around, to buy what I lack. I hope to find everything second hand. Malls and stores will only be backup.

I know you may be wondering why I have so few items in my closet. As I mentioned in my first post, I am a minimalist. Without going into great detail (that is for another post!), I believe that everything I own should be of importance of me, and carefully selected. I have been through my excessive spending stage. I have lots of credit card debt. And I realize that working to buy things was not the lifestyle that was working for me. In the past 2 years, I have moved 7 times {don’t judge- they have all been choices!} and each time I have ditched things that I no longer needed or wanted. But i still have so. much. stuff! I want to make it a point to be able to pack everything in my car and go if I want. Right now, I can’t even do that. But when I move in a few months, I certainly will take advantage of the situation and carefully choose what moves and what is donated.

But I digress. Back to clothing. I have always had so much clothing that I have things never worn with tags. Why -WHY- do I do this? It doesn’t make sense to me. If I really loved it so much to buy it, why do I find it hidden in my closet, never worn, 3 months later? I want everything in my closet to go with *just about* everything else. I admit, I wear a lot of black and grey. I don’t know why, I am just attracted to those colors. This makes it easier to mix & match!

I have many hippie tendencies. Good or bad, I don’t know, but they are there {Cue schpiel about embracing who you are and loving yourself}. I love the 1960’s and 1970’s. I am a very earthy person. I want my closet to match my personality. It shouldn’t be full of clothes that I would wear if I were a different person {which has been a mistake I’ve made in the past and in hindsight why some clothing has gone unworn} or clothing to make me who I think I should be. It should be about ME. Clothes are the first thing people see about someone.

I want my clothing to be simple. If I’ve had a pajama day, and the boyfriend decides last minute that he wants to go do something, I want to be able to throw something together that looks nice (not just jeans and a t-shirt) but doesn’t take a lot of thought. The more clothing I have, the more planning it takes, which leaves less time for life and things I enjoy.

Two years ago, I had a decent blog. I planned my outfits out a month at a time, wrote it all out, and posted pictures every day. I spent a good 4-6 hours planning my outfits for the entire month. I had an entire closet full of clothes. And you know what? It didn’t make me a better person. I wasn’t any happier. I certainly wasn’t richer. Having a small closet doesn’t make me better or richer, either, but I can say that I am happier. Happier that I have time to live life, and not be obsessed about these things.

Please, please please do NOT get me wrong- I don’t think negatively about anyone who is into clothing, fashion, and style the way that I am not. I am not ragging on anyone. I am just stating who I am NOT anymore. Minimalism isn’t just a ‘fad’ to me. Minimalism is a lifestyle. A way to enjoy myself and those that surround me.

I’m also not going to attempt to talk anyone into being a minimalist. If what I said strikes you, I’ll be happy to talk with you more. Have any questions? Feel free to contact me and ask me. I’ll give you the best answer I can, and maybe even make a post about it. But I want you to think about something:

If there was a fire at your place, and you could only grab a few things in a few seconds (let’s say you had less than a minute), what would you grab and why?


You’re moving across the state, country, etc. You’re traveling by plane. You have one piece of luggage to check, one carry on, and one personal item. What do you take? {For the sake of argument, furniture is provided for you at your destination}


I’d love to hear your answers, so leave them down below or link to your blog if you make this into a post! These fascinate me!

title song: “Time” by Pink Floyd

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