you’ve heard the voice that makes the silent noise

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening my lovely little blog readers!

First of all, sorry for the lack of post yesterday. I had some things going on & just felt very unmotivated to write anything.

So, today being Thursday, it is time for a Project 2011 update, hosted by Moments of Whimsy. This week I finished reading Poser: My Life in 23 Yoga Poses by Claire Dederer. I only wanted to read this book for the yoga factor. I. Love. Yoga. I knew this was a memoir of sorts, and that’s fine; I like reading memoirs. But I did not like this book. I’m not sure what I was expecting this book to be like. There is a lot about her life, much about her going to yoga, and lots about her life. Each chapter has a different title named for a pose. I don’t see how the pose relates to what she writes about in the chapter sometimes. For instance, she has several chapters named “Child’s Pose _” {1,2,3,etc} in which she talks about her childhood. Mostly no yoga or poses mentioned, except for the first pose, I believe. This, I sort of understand; child’s pose= childhood memories. But a chapter named “Foot Behind the Head Pose” and talking about problems with her husband? I don’t understand that.

Some parts were ok or even fun to read. But as a whole, I was not impressed by this book. In fact, I struggled to read it. The only reason I finished this book at all is to find out what happened between her & her husband. I read the entire book, but in all honesty there were some parts that I just skimmed, if they were boring. I got nothing from this book. I wasn’t inspired to attend a yoga class, I didn’t have aspirations to become a yogi. I just read it, and moved on.

Non Project 2011 related, that should have been yesterdays post: Tomorrow I go for pre-op paperwork & bloodwork for my surgery on Wednesday. I’m sort of nervous. This surgery isn’t anywhere near as extensive as the one I had in November. Then, they put in bolts and pins and screws and plates {one large plate, 8 screws, 2 pins}, fixed a torn ligament, and fixed my once-broken ankle. Now, they are just removing pins, but I am still nervous. I feel like I am tempting fate; I made it out of one surgery just fine {and alive!} but is another one pushing it? I know I’m being silly- that’s what my parents & boyfriend & friends are telling me. I just can’t shake this feeling. But I am closer to being on my way to walking, and that is an amazing feeling to have. It’s been over 3 months since I’ve walked- the start of November!

I sold my touchscreen phone yesterday on ebay, & bought a new phone similar to a blackberry. It should arrive today. I can’t wait! I also ordered many other things, and I am excited to do a haul post when they arrive. Video? Maybe:) I love watching haul videos. I will at least do a post.

I am *still* downsizing for this upcoming move on mine, which is still a month or so away. I can’t move until I can walk better, at least without crutches, and drive,  so who knows how long that will be. I got much done yesterday. I’m taking some clothing to a local place to sell, some books to a local place to sell, and selling on ebay & craigslist. What doesn’t sell, or I don’t won’t bother with, will be donated to my mother’s church group for an upcoming sale they’re having to raise money. I feel good about it going to a good cause {even if it isn’t MY cause}.

I found out yesterday that I won a giveway from the lovely Genna at Reading, Writing, & the World of Words. Her blog is about books, if you didn’t figure that one out! I won Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, the first book in a series that I have been dying to read forever. But it seems that every time I have money to buy a new book, there’s something else that I want more. That seems to happen with me about a lot of things! But anyway, hopefully this will kick my boo-tay into gear, and I’ll get the rest of the books. Head over to Genna‘s blog & check her out!

Well, I do believe that is it for today! I am working on some posts to add to the upload schedule for next week, just in case I’m out of commission and not able to post.


title: “Everything Right is Wrong Again” by They Might be Giants

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4 Responses to you’ve heard the voice that makes the silent noise

  1. Cate says:

    Hi there Sara,

    congrats on knocking off another book. A shame that it wasn’t a great one by the sounds of it, but hey – you finished it :-) Will be looking forward to your next review, and you will love the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (I can see you rearranging your schedule to fit in the sequels too!)

    Hope that all goes well for your op, and that you are up and walking again soon. Will be thinking of you.

  2. I definitely can’t wait to read it! And thanks so much for the well wishes!

  3. A book a week?! What a great goal–I have been meaning to read The Girl With… series as everyone I know has been raving about it!

  4. Thanks- my ultimate goal is to read way more than 52 books this year, but I’m keeping it realistic. They are making a movie based on The Girl With… series, so I’m excited to get started reading this book!

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