have you seen this???

This was dvr’d for me to watch from Tuesday night, but I just now got around to watching it. OhEmGee you guys! Have you seen this episode? It was almost too much to watch.

Visit the show’s site here and look at all the other great transformations recently. I don’t own a television {currently watching things at my parent’s since I have nothing else to do} so I haven’t watched any of the new episodes. This isn’t shown here, but at the end, they told how many pieces she got {27 clothing items- it showed shoes and purses, but they weren’t included in the commentary} and how many outfits she can make {30!}.

This makes me want to go through my closet AGAIN and really get pieces that I can build together. I think I see a new project in my future…. {or at least staying on goal with something I wanted to do with the blog in the first place}

So, I want to ask you a question: what are some staple, basic pieces in your wardrobe that you LOVE? What would you suggest to someone trying to build a closet of basic, go-with-everything pieces? And most importantly, WHAT did you think of Denise?

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