and i still set a place on the table at noon

>Oh dudes! What a day today has been. I woke up super early and attempted to go through clothing awaiting decisions {keep? donate? sell?}, clean on off the futon in my room, and just do some general cleaning. I got a little bit done, but not enough. It looks a little more organized, aside from that huge pile, you know, on the futon.

source unknown; in a file on my computer

I found this cute little quote on my computer the other day {I’m trying to re-organize files such as pictures and music} and I keep coming back to it. There is such truth to this quote. I’ve been having a hard time lately because I’m bored around the house. It really got to me today, as I was trying on clothing and realized that I really had gained weight. But hey- I knew it was going to happen. And I kind of start working on it now, but within a month, I can really start working on it. Anywhoodles, the point is, I’ve just been down. But the boyfriend makes me laugh. It’s like he knew I needed him today. He came to see me after work. He didn’t stay long {he’s getting sickly-ugh} but it was what I needed. We talked a bit about important things- like, you know, me moving in and finding a job and things we’d like to do when I can walk sans crutches. But he also made me laugh. I love that he can do this. It’s so sexy:)

I got dressed today, but didn’t take any pictures. I wore skinny Diva jeans from Old Navy and a grey Jagermeister t-shirt. I should post a picture of the shirt, at least. It’s bad ass. It features a skull made out of flowers on the front. I love skulls. Jager, not so much. But I won it by answering a question correct from the Jager girls at a pub in 2009. Suh-weet!

So now I’m going to go read some. I’m still pages and pages away from finishing a book by this Thursday, and I just got the next Harry Potter book. Man oh man is it HUGE. Oh, and I just received a book on loan from a friendly Kindle user. This must be read within 14 days {per load rules}, so I must get busy reading!

And congrats to all those doing the 30×30 challenge! I am working on a post about this, probably to be posted tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what looks all the ladies pull off this month!

title song: “Jesse” by Joan Baez

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2 Responses to and i still set a place on the table at noon

  1. Emmy says:

    >I think it's awesome how minimalistic you are! I need to take some lessons! LOL. And which Harry Potter book are you on? I LOVE Harry Potter sooooo much! <3

  2. Sara says:

    >Thanks! It's definitely a different mindset! I'm just starting the fourth book. It's like they keep getting bigger & bigger!

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