dancing at discos, eating cheese on toast

>Hello, again, blogworld! Today was an exciting day. I had a doctor’s appointment to make sure everything’s healing well with my ankle. Luckily, it has healed PERFECTLY and I’ll have my pins removed in about 2 weeks- the week of Valentine’s Day! I can start putting a little weight on my foot, so that’s BIG news!
Anyway- here’s my outfit for my doctor’s appointment & lunch with mi madre today:

jeans- Maurices; tank- Old Navy cardigan- Target; necklace- Maurices

Just a simple outfit for today. I also wore my grey Tom’s shoes:

And do I even have to mention how much I *love* this necklace? I bought it a few years ago, but I rarely wear it.

It has a really cute decorative bird, some hammered silver circles, a peace sign, and some flowers. Plus the blue and white stones! I actually rarely wear any jewelry besides that which doesn’t come out (tragus/stretched holes) or off:

These bracelets never come off. The watch is waterproof- I needed something for the pool/work and came up with this. It isn’t fancy or dressy, but chances are, if I were to find one that’s waterproof, it wouldn’t be in my price range. I also wear 4 belo bands, or brazillian wish bands. They are straight from Brazil, and the way it works is you tie three knots when you tie it on, and you make a wish for each knot. When the bands fall off (naturally), your wishes are supposed to come true. I’m wearing blue, pink, silver, and green. And the final item is the red ‘until’ bracelet. This is for aids. I wear this because my great uncle died from aids.

Tomorrow is February 1st! January was such a long, slow month, and I can’t believe it’s finally here! There are a few great things coming up that I’ll be participating in for February:
-Positive Monday: every Monday, to life ourselves up, bloggers are supposed to name 3 positive things about themselves in their blog posts. This will start with next Monday, the 7th.
-Wear Red Friday: each Friday, in support of heart disease awareness, bloggers should wear red. This will start with this Friday, the 4th.

And then of course I will have a few other hops and collective blogger activities going on as well! It looks to be an exciting month ahead!

title song: “Merry Happy” by Kate Nash

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  1. >I adore that Kate Nash song – excellent choice!The grey cardigan has such beautiful lines, and the stories behind your bracelets are sweet. I hope the belo bands fall off soon!

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