They Were All Red But They Gave Me The Blues

>Happy Friday all! I, for one, am excited, as I’m sure most of you are!
I will be spending tonight with my wonderful boyfriend, so no post tomorrow. Maybe one on Sunday, because unfortunately I’ll be back here Saturday night. I re-established my Twitter (which I hadn’t used in months!) and I may tweet a bit here & there over the weekend, so be sure to check me out (see button to right). But– since I actually got dressed today, I thought I’d take a picture! Sorry it’s so craptastic. It’s a lot harder to take pictures of yourself when you’re on crutches. So I took it in the mirror, which broke when my stuff was being moved back to my parent’s house after I fell.

dress- F21; tights- Target; cardigan- Target

You can see the mess that is my life right now in the mirror, and I apologize. I am working on clearing out clutter, and while I have no cast on, I still am not able to get around very well, so things are just kind of laying about. But, here is my outfit of the day. The boyfriend loves me in dresses, but complains that I don’t wear them enough. And I don’t. I love dresses. But before I broke my ankle, I worked at a daycare, and dresses aren’t exactly floor/playground-appropriate. When I’m able to get back to work, I will be looking for a new job, so hopefully it’ll be one that allows me to dress up some. Also, with a cast, and it being winter, I couldn’t exactly wear a dress and leave me legs bare- nor could I wear tights over my HUGE cast! But I thought I’d dress up a bit since mostly he has seen me in pajamas lately.

I wanted to wear my black boots with this outfit, but I couldn’t get my foot in it. I hope I will one day be able to wear boots again! But anyway, I wore my Toms-

They’re a little worn down, but I looooove my Toms. I have a grey pair as well, and hope to get some more when I return to work. I wanted the vegan version, but the only local store that sells them in my area didn’t have the vegans, and I couldn’t wait, so I got these. I really like how you can dress them up or down. But the real reason I bought these is because of the One for One. I’m sure you all know about Toms, and the mission, but just in case you don’t, here is the website.

I also thought I’d add in a picture of my face, so you can see my makeup and cute little peace sign necklace. I had darker hair (as seen in the picture on the ‘about’ page) and decided I wanted to lighten it, so we used hair color remover. It lightened it, but not enough. I’ll be returning to blonde next week, hopefully. Maybe even Sunday!

So anyway- here I am!! And the boyfriend will be here shortly, so I must continue packing! I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!!!

title song: “Brand New Shoes” by She & Him

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