girl, you got to change your crazy ways

It’s Thursday, it’s Thursday!!

That means it’s one day closer to Friday.

Which means one day closer to vacation. One day closer to getting my stitches taken out. And one day closer to seeing my man.

So anyway, no project 2011 update for today. I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t even STARTED a new book since last week’s. But thankfully I am a little ahead, so it doesn’t matter much.

I have an exciting weekend planned. Let’s just hope I make it through with all the walking and activities. I am planning to film a packing video tomorrow. We’ll see:)

I get my stitches taken out tomorrow. YAY! I’ve been walking some without the crutches, and I even managed a trip to CVS with my mother without my crutches. But I don’t want to chance this weekend without them. I’m not that brave yet!

I’m *almost* done with this crazy music business. I’m up to 2341 songs, but I’m working my way through CDs now. I’m having fun reminiscing about all these ’90s songs I grew up listening to. While pop is not my preferred music right now, I’m adding these lovelies to my IPod mainly for the history, feelings, and memories it brings back.

So that’s my short little post for today. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have my packing video up, and maybe an outfit! Woo hoo!

title: “Crazy” by Aerosmith

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i got 10 more miles and i’m hittin’ that county line

Hello:) Today’s will be semi-short… again. I’ve been busy {isn’t that always my excuse? a bad one, at that, for someone with a broken ankle who rarely leaves the house!}.

I’m trying to use up many things that are almost empty, half-used, or that I don’t particularly like. I hate just throwing things away that are perfectly good, and I’ve given away what I thought others I know could use. But what is left I don’t really want to take with me when I move. Examples:

  • Candles. I recently downsized my collection of candle holders, which left with me quite a few tea lights that are half-burned. I’m trying to use those up so I can start with new, never before burned candles at the new place. I have TONS from Party Lite that haven’t been used yet. Like 6 boxes of tea lights and votives!
  • Beauty products. I plan on doing a video about this, sort of. I’ll film it tomorrow, maybe, or next week. I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll skip the deets for now. But I have many, MANY shampoos that are half used or have like maybe one use left in them. Sort of the same concept as the candles, I’m just using the nearly-empty bottles so I don’t have to pack them up. Same with makeup. I bought a lot recently, and should use my old stuff up first before I add 2 more of everything into my collection. And lotions/perfumes! Luckily, I’ve given most lotions away. I am kind of picky about my scent {I like something a bit musky as opposed to floral-y} and had a lot of very floral smelling items. Why keep them if I don’t like them?
  • Music. I recently bought an IPod from a friend {60 gb for $5- what a steal!} and wanted to better organize my collection. So far I have deleted over 1,000 songs, downloaded WHO knows how many, and and am over 1,600 songs. I still have lots to go through. I hate having sucky music, and it seems like every time I listened to music on my old phone, I’d get annoyed because I hated the songs on there. So yeah. Out with the old, in with the new! And I have trip this weekend that I’d like to have some awesome music for {it’s a 2-hour trip} so I’m in a uber hurry to finish as much as I can by Friday so I can load it up.

Needless to say.. I have been superficially busy. I saw superficial because, well, it’s not like I’m working or something. I’m cleaning. Which I guess is work for me, considering it’s about all I can do still. Oh well.

So I’m going to leave you now with my answers for this week’s wee bit wednesday, from Leigh Ashley.

<center><a href=””><img src=”; width=”350″ height=”350″ /></a></center>

{one} do you always wear your seatbelt in the car?For the most part, yes. If i’m driving, always. But if I’m riding, it really depends on who I’m riding with. Oh, and where we’re going.
{two} do you crack your knuckles? This question made me pop them! haha! Yes, I pop mine quite frequently. Toes and ankles, too.
{three} what is your favorite flavor of gum? One that tastes fruity, or like pink bubble gum. Unfortunately, I have TMJ, so I can’t really chew gum as much as I would like.
{four} what is your favorite piece of jewelry that you own? A charm bracelet that my mother started for me. I don’t wear it often, but I have several charms on there from various points of my life. I got it for my 16th birthday.
{five} who is your best friend? I would say my best friend is W. We’ve kind of grown apart recently, and sometimes we fight a LOT. But I love her and I’d do anything for her. I know she’d say the same about me. We met in HS and were inseparable.

{six} what is your favorite smell? Hmm. That’s a hard one. I love the smell of gas {that weird?} or a local factory that makes… glue? I’m not sure really what they make, but I loooove the smell.

{seven} what is your favorite lunch meat? Peppered turkey. But it has to very peppery. Like cracked pepper, not table pepper.
{eight} do you still have your tonsils? Yes. Fun fact: I wanted mine out soooo bad because like 4 of my friends had them taken out between 3rd and 4th grade, and they were telling me how awesome it was, eating ice cream, staying home, and watching movies. I wanted that, too!
{nine} do you untie your shoes before you take them off? I don’t have any that tie. Wait- yes I do! I have a pair of Keen hiking shoes. Not boots, but shoes. I don’t think I untie them, though.
{ten} what color is your car? A beautiful hunter green. But unfortunately, the paint’s fading away, so it’s splotchy. I need to get it a paint job, stat!


Ok well now I’m going to finish with my cleanings for this week. Later!





title: “7 Months, 39 Days” by Hank Williams, III

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youtubin’ it!


Hello lovelies! Glad to see you here today. I’ve had a busy weekend and day today, but guess what?


I made a YouTube video! You can check it out below, or visit my page. My username is LovelyLittleSara. I’d love to have friends there, subscribers, etc. I will warn you, though. There’s a HORRIBLE noise in it from my laptop. I don’t know what it is- I’ve heard it for a while but it’s getting worse. Overheating? Something broke? Who knows. So anywhoodles, here’s the vid:

Neato! I’m very excited. I have a nice camera, and if I can find a suitable place to film, I’ll use it instead {I’ll prob find a place right before I move, and then I’ll have to search the apartment for a new place!}. I think it’d be like a magillion times better. I’m going to do a few makeup tutorials, maybe some book reviews, who knows. Any suggestions? I’d love to hear them!

So I must run now. I still have lots that I need to get done today and this week, as this weekend the boyfriend and I are meeting my parents and my sister in Pigeon Forge, TN {Sevierville} for a mini vacay. They’re going down Friday, but because of the boy’s work schedule, we aren’t going down until Saturday. Then we’re all coming home on Sunday. Maybe I’ll post a super fun weekend vid for you all to see the craziness that is my man:P

Hope everyone had a FANTASTICO weekend and Monday! I know I did! See you tomorrow!

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the BBC & a cute video for your viewing pleasure

Hello again bloglandia! I am back for just a few things on your Friday night.

1} KT at KT’s Refinishing School is starting a book club called the BBC- or Bloggers Book Club. You can check out her original post here, describing the club and her thoughts behind it. Well, folks, it isn’t too late to join! On Tuesday {I’m a bit behind on blogs- so glad I read this in time, though!} she posted this post, telling the 7 blogs in on the book club, as well as posting a poll {found on the right side of the blog} allowing anyone- both those in the club and those who aren’t- to vote on the book we read. So whether you want to join in or not, at least mosey on over there & vote for a book! You can vote for as many books as you want, so if you can’t chose just one, don’t worry! This will be apart of my project 2011 goal to read a book each week.

2} This video. I saw it both on Chelsea Handler & The Soup. Be sure to watch the whole thing!

3} I filmed a video this afternoon, but I’m not sure I like it. I may film it again tomorrow, when I’m not so tired and tongue-tied and full from a dinner with my parents & grandparents. I may just take pictures. But this is a pretty big haul, and I can’t wait to share this with you all! Either way, something will be posted tomorrow.

4} I just want to say a big THANKS!!! to all the comments & e-mails I’ve received about the surgery. It’s nice to know that complete strangers are rooting for you! We took my bandage off tonight, and I have 5 stitches. I’ll have them taken out February 25- next Friday. It’s a little sore, and I’m kind of worried about pulling them or getting them hung on something, but other than that, it’s fine. I’ve even been walking some tonight:)


ok- that’s my short little Friday night post! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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you’re way too beautiful girl

Happy Friday!!!! Today’s FBFF post is all about reflection & body image. It was interesting & fun to think about these questions. Read my answers here, then head over to Katy’s blog to check out what other ladies had to say, or to link up your own!

1. Since you started blogging has your image of yourself changed? Oh, man! I haven’t been blogging long, BUT- I am going to be completely honest. Sometimes, I think I look cute, and I take a picture of myself, and it’s like, “Damn, what happened in the 3 seconds it took for my camera to turn on?” I have made conscious decisions of what I’m going to wear- I don’t just ‘throw something on’ anymore. I am not happy with my body after seeing pictures. But I’ve always loved my curves- and so have other people. I dated a guy one time who, when I started losing some weight, told me that I was losing my curves and he was unhappy about that. I wouldn’t say my image of myself has become negative, exactly, but it certainly hasn’t become more positive.
2. Are you self-conscious about any aspect of yourself? If so, do you go out of your way to avoid it or do you post it/talk about it anyway? I am very self-conscious about two parts of my body: my belly and my face. I do well to hide my belly, for the most part, wearing size-appropriate clothing. You know how they say not to look at or worry about size? Just buy what fits? Yeah, sometimes that’s hard when places don’t have sizes you need. Definitely makes me feel like the fat ass I am not. I love my curves. I embrace them. But the belly? Jeeze.Certain angles make my face look HUGE, or display my double chin, two things that have only recently begun to happen. When I take face pictures, I do them at an angle that best hides these pesky attributes. There are some things I love, but these aren’t one of them. I say I go out of my way to avoid them. I take many pictures, not just of my outfits but of life in general, and sometimes I’ll be lucky if ONE of them captures me in a flattering way. I avoid these issues. Maybe I shouldn’t, though.
3. Based on how you are feeling now, what do you think the future
holds in the evolution of your body image? Well, I am closer to being able to walk on my own, which means getting back into daily yoga, walking, running, and exercise. I want to at least get the weight off that I gained while being semi-bedridden, if not more. I think taking pictures of my outfits will allow me- and you, the reader- to see this transformation, and hopefully make me happier about it.
4. Do you photograph yourself for your blog? If so, how do you feel about the experience when you’re having your picture taken? I occasionally post pictures on the blog. It’s more because I’m not getting dressed every day. When I do dress, I take a picture. That aside, I hate it right now. I have a crappy mirror that I have to take my pic in because I cannot get into position on the 10-second self timer my camera has. Maybe when I’m able to move around faster, or have the boy take pics, I’ll enjoy it more.
5. What would you want every person who struggles with body image to take to heart? That everyone is beautiful. I know it’s a cliche, but really- when a woman loves herself & loves her body, what is sexier or more beautiful than that? You attract the RIGHT type of guys and the RIGHT type of friends that way. It took me a long time to believe this is actually true, but here I am. I believe it. I hope you do, too, and if not, write that down. Learn it, love it, live it.


title: “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston

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well i may be bruised but i still taste sweet

Yep- scheduled post again! I went ahead & set this up for today just in case I’m on pain killers and semi-unconscious today. And if I’m not? Well, I can just not worry about the blog today. Enjoy!

Ever hear of a mid-life crisis? You know the story- man, in his late 40s/early 50s, suddenly buys candy apple red Porsche convertible. Or divorces his wife and takes up with a barely-legal stripper.

Ever heard of a quarter-life crisis? This story involves a young adult who has perhaps graduated from college, perhaps not. But this person doesn’t know what to do with his or her life.

Folks, I am there. I am having a quarter-life crisis. And I don’t freaking know what to do. This has been in effect since, like, 2006:

2006/2008: I reluctantly start college in 2006 {I wanted to take time off, enjoy no school for a year, and think. I ended up with a scholarship, though, and sort of HAD to attend.} I attended for 2 years before I felt that I was on the wrong path. I switched majors every semester, took classes that I hated, and partied all the time. I lived on campus. It was my first time out of my parent’s house. I didn’t party in high school.

2009/2010: I took time off from school to work and think about my options. I went back to college, moved to the city (in my own house with a roommate, then my own 1 bedroom apartment with my BEST friend beside me), then dropped out. I was a nutritions major and Vegan. I was completely bored. I moved back to my parent’s house because my job got cut and I couldn’t find anything else in said city.

2010/2011: Still not back in school. Working 4 {very} part-time jobs. Moved back to same city college was in. Stayed there a month, wasn’t happy, moved back home to quit said jobs and find something better. End up wasting the summer away by the ymca’s pool. Glorious tan. Land super awesome job at child care center who does GREAT things for the community. Go back to school. Friend at work needs roommate. Move to her house, in next city over. Commute. Meet boy. HATE job. HATE school. LOVE boy. Quit school. Fall and break ankle. Move back to parent’s house, as it is a one story no steps house.

I will be moving in with the boy sometime in March, and it’s in another city {just 30 mins away}. I’m not sure what to do now. I’m still not clear to go back to work, and won’t be probably until April {but still completely unknown when}, so I can’t start looking now. I mean, who’s going to hire me and wait for me until April? Nobody- that’s who! I don’t want to stay at my current child care job. I hate it there, and the kids are horrible. There’s too much gossip and back stabbing for my taste. Don’t get me wrong. I know anywhere you work, you have that stuff. But it’s seriously like nobody is actually friends there. They all talk behind EVERYONE’S backs. I just don’t want to be apart of that.

Not to mention my commute if I were to stay there. It’s about a 30 minute drive, which isn’t bad at all. But when you’re working for minimum wage? Yeah. Not worth it. Even the boy wants me to look for a job in his town. I’m so excited- I would LOVE to get back in retail, but that brings up another problem… availability. I have no other commitments or restrictions, so I can work pretty much anytime. But the boy’s job lets him off work at 3. And he has weekends off. I’d like to have {most} nights & weekends off to spend time with him. I couldn’t do that working in a retail setting.

I could work at his place, but they work on cell phones, and I just don’t think that I could do the same job every day and be happy. I know myself. Yes, it’s definite full time, and more than minimum wage, but it’s also in my town {again, 30 minutes away from where we will be living}. We could carpool if I work the same or close hours. But I won’t be happy doing the same thing every day. I need an active, busy job.

So I am stuck in limbo right now, just trying to decide what I should do. I can do nothing now. I can’t quit my job, I can’t apply elsewhere. I can only think. Make lists. Worry. Stress.

I also want this job to be a career- not just a ‘job’. I want to stick with it for a while. I want it to be challenging. And important. I’m hoping to go back to school in January, but we’ll see about that. The boy said that when I do go back to school, he only wants me to work enough hours to pay my bills. I have such a fantastic honey! But I think that will still require a 40-hour-a-week job. Le sigh.

Have any of you ever been through anything like this? I could really use some advice or suggestions, if anyone has anything. I just feel stuck, but I won’t feel this way long, once I can be active and moving again. Here’s hoping this move will be exactly the motivation I need to get out of my quart-life crisis!

title song: “Bad Apple” by David Wilcox

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update- project 2011, surgery

Herro readers:)

This is super super short. I have a lengthy post scheduled for sometime today, but I have a few minutes of consciousness & I thought I’d just post an update.

For the project 2011, I did finish a book yesterday at the hospital (which I will review the book & details at a later date). I read The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordin, which is the first of the Percy Jackson series. I updated the page, & just wanted to write it here. I didn’t think I was going to finish it, but I had LOTS of time at the hospital (see below) and finished over half of it while waiting.

Surgery was spectacular yesterday. My call time was 9:30 am, but they didn’t actually take me until nearly 2pm. I was back up in the room around 4, and on my way home around 5. See how I had 4.5 hours to read? haha. They didn’t have to fully put me under because he could just make 2 incisions and pull the screws out. I was in a deep twilight-like state for the surgery. I can remember hearing and feeling a few things while they were operating, but nothing hurtful or major. I woke up after the surgery and headed straight back up to the room.

When I got home, I went to bed at 6, and slept through the night. This morning, though, I can’t put ANY weight on my foot, or pain shoots all throughout my body. So I’m pretty much staying on my pills today to sleep off the pain.

I’m not visiting with the boyfriend this weekend, but depending on how I feel, I have a few trips with mom in store. Maybe shopping, maybe getting the hair did. I’ll post as I can. And I still have a video I’d like to do!!

And now I feel the pain meds kicking in… and I’m starting to get sleepy… so very sleepy….

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